Phoebe’s Bat Mitzvah Logo and Accessories

 The entire dancefloor was wrapped with a skin of Phoebe’s logo! What a statement! (insert a cheetah growl!)

View of entire dance floor with stage

A variation of Phoebe’s logo. The PDB (her initials) were displayed throughout the event.

 Table shot of her adult placecards

 Close-up of placecards. I used azalea stardream paper with custom cheetah pattern for backing and pearl stardream paper for top layer.

On left: Phoebe’s logo on a custom high boy for the kids lounge. On right: Her logo incorporated into the menu.

It wouldn’t be a Phoebelicious event without a cupcake at the end of the night!

The Bat Mitzvah girl, Phoebe relaxing with a few custom pillows that were created for her event.

All photos courtesy of Simon Elliot Events…truly an innovator of Bar and Bat Mitzvah events!