Bar and Bat Mitzvah Logos

In the Bar and Bat Mitzvah world, logos are used from the invitation all the way thru to the accessories at the event. Below is a small sampling of some of the logos I have created. Let the inspiration begin….


fd_margofinkSam’s Showroom Bar Mitzvah Logo

Twins Mitzvah LogoThe Mitzvah Mom had a vision for her twins and I was able to execute the above logos! The logo on the left was the main logo of the event and the logo on the right was embroidered on a chef’s jacket. Click here to see how the Lowenstein’s used the logo throughout their event by

Matthew's Bar Mitzvah Logo

Matthew’s Monster Bar Mitzvah Logo

Josh's Bar Mitzvah Logo

Josh’s Football logo

Jakes Bar Mitzvah Logo

Jake’s Bar Mitzvah Logo

Nicole's Bat Mitzvah Logo



Ben’s Bar Mitzvah celebration was at a venue called Eddy’s House. I incorporated Ben’s love of football, baseball, cooking & hip hop music.

Max's Bar Mitzvah Logo

Max’s All Star Bar Mitzvah Logo

Josh's Oscar Bar Mitzvah Logo

Josh’s Oscar Awards Bar Mitzvah Logo

Becca's Bat Mitzvah Logo

Rebecca’s Bat Mitzvah Logo

Bat Mitzvah Logo

Jen’s Bat Mitzvah Logo


Samantha’s All Star Cheer logo

Camp Paxton & Zoe Bnai Mitzvah Logo

Camp themed Bar Bat Mitzvah logo for twins

Sophia's Bat Mitzvah LogoSophia’s Ice Skating Bat Mitzvah Logo.
Check out some photos from her event here!


Rock of Ages Bar Mitzvah logo for twin boys.
Check out some of their event photos here!

Lexie's Bat Mitzvah Logo

Lexie’s Bat Mitzvah Logo


Sam’s Comedy Club Bar Mitzvah Logo

B’nai Bat Mitzvah logo for step and repeat wall

Jasper’s Neon Bar Mitzvah Logo. Click here to see accessories at Jasper’s event!

Ross’s Basketball March Madness Bar Mitzvah Logo

Amanda’s Bat Mitzvah Logo. Click here to see some accessories at the event that utilized this logo!

Zach’s Bar Mitzvah Club theme logo

Rock n’ Roll Bar Mitzvah

Andrew's Bar Mitzvah Logo

Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah Logo. Check out how the logo was used throughout the event!

Ashley’s urban themed Bat Mitzvah logo

Bat Mitzvah logo for a gymnastics lover!

Camp Bat Mitzvah theme

Bar Mitzvah logo for a fan of basketball

Camp Ally’s Bat Mitzvah Logo

Morgan’s Jungle themed Bat Mitzvah. Click here to see how the logo was used at the Bat Mitzvah!

Soccer themed Bar Mitzvah logo

Weekend Camp Themed Bar Mitzvah Logo

Evan’s Bar Knicksvah Mitzvah Logo

Bar Mitzvah logo for an SEC obsessed football fan!

Bar Mitzvah logo for the kids lounge area

Bat Mitzvah logo for a food lover. Click here to see different accessories I created for the event.

Logo for a save the date

Bat Mitzvah Logo for a theme that was around a cheetah print. Click here to see how the Mitzvah family used the logo throughout the event.

Camp Bat Mitzvah Logo

Logo for music themed Bar Mitzvah

Logo for butterfly themed Bat Mitzvah

Entourage themed Bar Mitzvah logo

Formal Bar Mitzvah Logo. The line drawing was the historic temple that Joseph became a Bar Mitzvah in.

Art themed Bat Mitzvah logo. See some accessories from Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah!

If you are interested in FabuDesigns to create your Bar or Bat Mitzvah logo, please contact me.