Sam’s Comedy Club Bar Mitzvah

Mitzvah mom Sondra called me a few months ago explaining that she went thru 2 graphic designers to come up with a logo for her son’s Bar Mitzvah. The theme was comedy, so the logo had to reflect comedy and of course be fun! After a conversation, I got to work and the below was the result!

The below 2 photos were the favors. Gray hoodie sweatshirts with logo on back from APromosUSA.




Morgan’s Born to be Wild Bat Mitzvah

The Event of a Lifetime’s owner, Melisa Imberman had her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah this past year. The decor was outrageous!!! Check out the photos below…All photos below are courtesy of Peter Oberc.

Amanda’s Bat Mitzvah

I developed this logo for one of Melisa Imberman’s clients from The Event of a Lifetime this past year. As I always say, it amazes me at where my logo ends up!

Please see the following album of pictures and be sure to contact Melisa for your event needs if you are located in the East coast!



2014 Spring Color Trend

It seems that wherever I go shopping recently, all of the store windows are showing black and white. I personally have always loved the bold look of the contrast.

With that said, I have been working on lots of twin celebrations and it got me thinking for those who are perplexed as to how to infuse both their kids personalities into the event, going with a black and white theme may be the trick. You can even add an accent color that is neutral to both kids.

The bottomline is that a Bar Bat Mitzvah doesn’t always have to have a theme. Just having a pattern that you can carry throughout your event will make the bold statement that you want.

Below are a few patterns to start you thinking…




5 Tips For Working With Bar Bat Mitzvah Logo Designers

It’s November, so in my world that could mean only one thing…lots and lots of requests for Bar and Bat Mitzvah logos!!! Every year like clockwork, Mitzvah families honker down and realize their Mitzvah is right around the corner.

The top questions I ask of my clients are generally the same. Is there a theme? Do you have colors in mind? When is your event? Do you have a venue picked and the most important one is whether or not they have seen a logo that they like? I know that may sound like I am just looking to rip off another logo from a designer, but it is not the case. I like to see the type of logos that they are drawn to so I get a sense of their aesthetic. I can’t be expected to be a mind reader…or am I? 😉

What seems to be a trend that is definitely not going away anytime soon is Pinterest. Either you know nothing about it, know about it but don’t have the time nor the inclination to deal with it or if you are like me…OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE about it! What I have started recommending to all of my clients is that they start a pinterest Mitzvah board of things they find online that they like for their Bar Bat Mitzvah. You can pin anything from a logo, party favors, table decorations, food, the list goes on and on. That way, I can go to your board and see what you like. (Below you will see some of my boards on Pinterest)

Whether you use my services or not, whomever you hire will be grateful that you have a “vision board” of your Mitzvah!

If you end up creating a Bar Bat Mitzvah Board, you can easily send the entire board via email to whomever you want.


Emily’s Eatery Bat Mitzvah

Crazy to think about, but on May 11, 2011 I got a friendly email from a somewhat desperate Mitzvah planning mom out of Albany, New York. She was starting to plan her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, and spent hours upon hours on trying to find inspiration on the web. (Sound familiar?) Julie (Mitzvah mom) needed assistance on the creative direction. When we had our first conversation, which lasted about an hour it was clear that there was a concept that they had in mind. I was given the following description, “Emily is into all things food, gourmet and cooking. As in Emily’s the restaurant and she loves bright colors and wants it to be fun. She loves turquoise, orange, yellow or purple”. This was the information and then I got to work! As I tell all of my Mitzvah planning families…concentrate on one thing at a time…the logo is always a great way to set the creative direction!

The logo on the top right was the winner! But many iterations of that logo were used throughout the event.

Next up…Save the Dates! Since their out-of-towner list was plentiful, and there was a lot of information between hotel blocks, welcome dinner, transportation, airport details, etc… The family didn’t want their guests to know too much about the theme, hence why there were 4 stars as part of the logo. Think 4-star restaurant! Get it? 😉

Pantone style Save the Date with bright orange open-ended envelope and custom address label.

Logo…check!…Save the Dates in the mail…check!…the buzz starts….

Now for the very highly anticipated invitation! (Not too much pressure on this graphic designer!)
Many ideas went back and forth between my client and myself. One thing I knew was that they didn’t want an invitation in a paper envelope. They wanted something in a box, wanted it fun, but also wanted to make sure that the invitation portion was more of a “traditional” looking invitation.

The above is what I ended up creating. Each invitation was personalized to each recipient. The WOW factor was “emily faith” hand embellished with ultra fine blue glitter.
If you would like to see additional pictures of this invitation, please click on: Emily’s Bat Mitzvah Invitation Post.

Next up…accessories! For the event, everything had to tie in together. The whole premise, was that their guests were going to the grand opening of Emily’s Eatery so all accessories had to do with a restaurant. The below 3 pictures were the place cards/menu cards.

Front of menu card/place card. It mimicked the front of a menu from a restaurant.

All of the menu card/place cards displayed on a table. The names were on the back of the guest checks that were inside the menu. Photo courtesy of Elario Photography.

The inside of the menu card/place card. Each menu had a guest check with table numbers that corresponded to a meal that Emily loves! Photo courtesy of Elario Photography.

Since the Mitzvah family didn’t want a formal event, they decided to have food stations instead of a seated dinner. There were 4 stations of food and the following were some graphics that designated where all of the food stations were in the ballroom. Each sign was 6′ x 12′.

For the kid’s favors, I teamed up with APromosUSA/The Imagemaker to design the logos for the white girls shirt and black athletic boy short.

If you would like to see additional pictures of how this event came all together, check out Emily’s Eatery Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight on

Brand New Website

It’s been a long-time coming! I forced myself to create my new website and upload recent work that I have done. This is definitely a work in progress and hope to continually update the site with new designs! If you have any questions, please contact me.